Union Forces at Yorktown in May of 1862

For Virginia!!!

"For your LAND,  for your HOME, for your SWEETHEARTS,  for your WIVES, .....FOR VIRGINIA  …..FORWARD MARCH!!!" 

About Me


Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is John Harris, many of you know me by my internet screen name DEVONREX,  and I have been relic hunting and collecting Civil War relics since 1980.  My love of relics began when I was just a child - and I owe it all to my father. Every few weeks on Sunday afternoons , he would take me and my younger brother on walks along the Yorktown Battlefield.   Our mission was to see who could find the most minie' balls.  As a child, he had found a ravine where Federal troops must have had target practice.  After heavy rains , bullets eroded out of the banks of the ravine, and my father had found bucketsful.   He had even found cannonballs this way as a schoolboy and, as was customary back then, sold them to the Park Service for a dollar.  These were then used in their historical displays.  No matter how hard I tried I could never find as many as he did.  I can remember thinking that there had to be an easier way to locate them.  Santa finally brought me my first detector, a Metrotech (which I still have) at the age of 13.  That present from Santa was the best present I ever got.  It also began a lifelong hobby of metal detecting.  I have hunted every week of my life since then.  The Virginia Peninsula is my favorite area to dig, but over the years I have hunted private property throughout Virginia.  I have written articles for magazines including North South Trader and American Digger.  These magazines have pictured my finds many many times over the last 35 years  in their recent finds category.  I was fortunate to metal detect with my Dad for many years until he was no longer able to do so.  Just before his passing I was blessed to recover a CS "Egg" lead filled buckle and place it in his hands.  It had been a goal of both of ours to find a CS marked plate.  I was glad I able to accomplish this goal while he was still with us.   I have been able to maintain a good inventory from my own finds, digging pals, shows and the Internet.  I am always searching for dug and non - dug relics in fine condition and my website is constantly being updated.  Feel free to contact me with questions or special requests.  I hope you enjoy my site and make many return visits.  Thank you. 


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